Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bauddha

  bauddha—the Buddhists    Madhya 6.168, Madhya 9.51, Madhya 9.52
  bauddha—followers of Buddha's philosophy    Madhya 9.48, Madhya 19.145
  bauddha-śāstra—scriptures of the Buddhist cult    Madhya 9.49
  bauddha-gaṇera—all the Buddhists    Madhya 9.55
  bauddha-ācārya—the leader in Buddhist philosophy    Madhya 9.47
  bauddha-ācārya—the teacher of the Buddhist cult    Madhya 9.50
  bauddha-ācāryera—of the teacher of the Buddhists    Madhya 9.55
  saba bauddha—all the Buddhist disciples    Madhya 9.60
  sakala bauddha—all the Buddhists    Madhya 9.52

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