Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bana

  bāṇa—arrows    SB 9.15.29, Madhya 2.22
  bāṇa—by the arrows    SB 4.29.53
  bāṇa—with arrows    SB 9.15.30
  bāṇa—by King Bāṇa    SB 10.2.1-2
  bāṇa—arrow    Madhya 21.105
  bāṇa—just like arrows    Madhya 21.129
  bāṇa—your arrows    Madhya 24.241
  bāṇa yuḍiyā—with arrows in the hand.    Madhya 24.234
  bāṇa-jyeṣṭhaiḥ—the chief of whom is Bāṇa    SB 8.10.30-31
  bāṇa-jyeṣṭham—having Bāṇa as the eldest    SB 6.18.17
  bāṇa-viddha—pierced by an arrow    Madhya 24.231
  bāṇa-vraṇa—by a wound from the arrow    Madhya 8.107
  dhanuḥ-bāṇa haste—with arrows and bow in hand    Madhya 24.235
  pāṅca-bāṇa—five arrows of Cupid    Madhya 8.194

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