Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: balibhih

  balibhih—along with articles for worship    SB 1.11.15
  balibhih—paraphernalia    SB 3.8.5
  balibhih—auspicious presentations    SB 4.9.57
  balibhih—by the powerful demigods and demons    SB 8.7.6
  balibhih—by different types of worship through sacrifice    SB 10.2.10
  balibhih—with presentations in their hands    SB 10.5.10
  balibhih—all of whom were very strong and stout and who could therefore assemble the parts without difficulty    SB 10.7.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: balibhih

  dipa-balibhih—with lamps    SB 4.21.4
  upahrta-uru-balibhih—who brought all kinds of presentations to her    SB 10.4.10-11