Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: balat

  balāt—by force    Bg 3.36, SB 1.7.34, SB 1.14.38, SB 1.17.5, SB 3.30.20, SB 4.28.3, SB 5.10.5, SB 5.13.2, SB 5.13.10, SB 5.26.8 (and more...)
  balāt—by force.    SB 4.28.6, SB 6.1.53, SB 9.14.4
  balāt—by His strength   
  balāt—by superior power.    SB 9.7.5-6
  balāt—because of being taken away by force.    SB 9.15.26
  daiva-balāt—by providence    SB 4.6.48
  uru-balāt—with great force    SB 5.26.35

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