Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: balakah

  balakah—a boy    SB 3.12.10, SB 7.2.36
  balakah—the child.    SB 9.20.18, SB 10.7.32
  balakah—a son named Balaka    SB 9.15.4
  balakah—boy servant    SB 1.5.23
  balakah—a mere child    SB 1.6.8
  balakah—with boys    SB 1.18.32
  balakah—tender boy    SB 4.8.65
  balakah—especially the child Krsna    SB 10.11.24
  balakah—the children    SB 10.7.9
  balakah—the other boys.    SB 10.11.17
  balakah—all the boys, the playmates    SB 10.11.53

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: balakah

  asura-balakah—O sons of demons    SB 7.7.38
  balakah asau—that child, Krsna    SB 10.11.26
  ena-balakah—the deer child    SB 5.8.16
  manuja-balakah—exactly like the child of a human being.    SB 10.8.36
  rsi-balakah—the son of a rsi    SB 1.18.36