Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bahu

  bahu—many    Bg 11.23, SB 3.24.28, SB 4.7.39, SB 4.12.14, SB 5.2.12, SB 7.5.45, SB 7.13.37, Adi 2.43, Adi 2.89, Adi 4.80 (and more...)
  bahu—much    SB 3.22.19, SB 4.5.12, SB 5.10.8, SB 5.26.30, SB 7.6.19, Adi 13.116, Adi 14.83, Adi 16.23, Adi 17.291, Madhya 1.70 (and more...)
  bāhu—arms    Bg 11.23, SB 1.19.26, SB 2.5.35, SB 3.19.26, SB 3.31.3, SB 4.11.5, SB 5.5.31, SB 9.5.8, Adi 8.13
  bahu—very much    SB 3.15.19, SB 5.10.6, SB 8.12.16, Madhya 14.115, Madhya 19.73, Antya 10.130
  bahu—various    Madhya 5.18, Madhya 5.34, Madhya 5.125, Madhya 10.16, Madhya 10.80, Madhya 14.11
  bāhu—the arms    Madhya 19.42, Madhya 22.27, Madhya 22.111
  bahu—greatly    SB 3.5.17, SB 3.8.4
  bahu—great    SB 3.16.2, SB 3.20.47
  bahu—a large quantity    SB 5.9.9-10, Antya 7.69
  bahu—very large quantity    SB 1.15.14
  bahu—much pleasure    SB 3.12.3
  bahu—by the great yogis    SB 3.15.45
  bahu—highly    SB 3.30.6
  bahu—so much    SB 9.18.16
  bahu—with much    Adi 13.117
  bahu—various kinds    Madhya 4.15
  bahu—a great quantity    Madhya 4.60
  bahu—all kinds of    Madhya 8.4
  bahu—a very large quantity of    Madhya 11.181
  bahu—a large quantity of    Madhya 16.98
  bahu—very    Antya 7.60
  bāhu—hands    SB 3.15.28
  bāhū—arms    Bg 11.16
  bāhu tuli—raising the arms    Adi 3.62, Adi 7.159, Madhya 1.276, Madhya 17.159, Madhya 17.189
  bahu-kṣaṇa—for a long time.    Adi 17.100, Madhya 9.249, Madhya 25.232, Antya 15.89
  bahu-mūlya—very valuable    Madhya 5.126, Madhya 15.28, Madhya 20.86, Antya 16.91
  bahu-titham—for many days    SB 1.16.32-33, SB 10.5.31
  bahu-uktyā—with many words    Madhya 21.27, Madhya 21.83
  bahu aṅga-sādhana—execution of many processes of devotional service.    Madhya 22.135
  bahu artha—many meanings    Antya 7.85
  bahu bhakta-gaṇa—many devotees    Madhya 16.127-129
  bahu bhakti kaila—offered him devotional service.    Antya 2.32
  bahu bhāṣyate—will talk very much    SB 2.7.37
  bahu bhāra—many packages    Adi 13.115
  bahu bāḍāila—increased the opulences.    Madhya 25.189
  bahu śākhā—many branches    Adi 9.17
  bahu dainya kari—in all humility    Antya 7.60
  bahu dina—a very long time    Antya 11.31
  bahu kṛpā—great mercy    Madhya 10.6
  bahu kṛpā kari—showing him much mercy.    Antya 1.41
  bahu lāgāni karila—made many false allegations.    Antya 9.27
  bahu manyeta—would value    SB 4.13.45
  bahu mūrti hañā—becoming many forms.    Madhya 20.284
  bahu māne—the Lord accepts as very great    Antya 1.107
  bahu nṛtya kari—after dancing a great deal    Madhya 16.50
  bahu prasāda—a great quantity of prasāda    Madhya 16.53
  bahu pāni—much water.    Antya 6.317
  bahu rūpa—expanded into unlimited numbers    Madhya 20.167
  bahu stavāvalī—many prayers    Madhya 1.39-40
  bahu sukha—much pleasure    Madhya 9.357
  bahu upahāra—many other varieties of food.    Madhya 15.54-55
  bahu vinaya karila—submitted most humbly    Madhya 16.249
  bahu yatana kariyā—with great care.    Antya 12.107
  bahu yatna kailā—requested fervently    Antya 8.86
  bahu yatne—with great attention    Madhya 9.241
  bahu-aśobhanam—that which is not up to the standard of etiquette (the criticism of the exalted Lord Śiva)    SB 6.17.10
  bahu-amara-drumaiḥ—with many celestial trees    SB 3.33.18
  bahu-anartha-bhṛt—bearing many inauspicious things    SB 3.27.25
  bahu-bhakta—many devotees    Antya 6.45
  bahu-bhāṣiṇīm—too talkative    SB 3.14.16
  bahu-bāra—again and again    Adi 8.29-30
  bahu-bāra—for a long time    Antya 14.101
  bahu-śiṣya—an unlimited number of disciples    Madhya 22.118
  bahu-śākhāḥ—various branches    Bg 2.41
  bahu-śāstre—by many books or scriptures    Adi 16.11
  bahu-deśa—many countries    Madhya 17.68
  bahu-dhana—all kinds of riches.    Adi 13.113
  bahu-dhana—much money    Madhya 19.4
  bahu-dhana lañā—taking large amounts of riches.    Madhya 19.6
  bahu-dhā—into many pieces    SB 6.18.65
  bahu-dhā—as great    Antya 1.108
  bahu-dina—for many days    Madhya 3.158
  bahu-dina—many days    Madhya 4.39
  bahu-dina—a long time    Antya 3.163
  bahu-dina—for a long time    Antya 7.7
  bahu-dinera—of many days    Madhya 4.76
  bahu-dinera—for a long time    Antya 3.147
  bahu-doṣa-duṣṭaḥ—infected with varieties of material disease or attachment    Madhya 24.125
  bahu-duḥkha—with many miseries    SB 3.31.20
  bahu-duḥkha-bhājaḥ—subjected to various types of material unhappiness    SB 7.9.45
  bahu-dūra—a long distance    Madhya 1.274
  bahu-dūra—far away.    Madhya 8.309
  bahu-grantha—of many different types of scriptures    Madhya 22.118
  bahu-guṇa—many qualities    SB 3.32.33
  bahu-guṇāḥ—greatly useful    SB 3.3.26
  bahu-jana—many persons.    Madhya 11.153
  bahu-jana—many other persons.    Antya 6.43
  bahu-janma—in many births    SB 10.12.12
  bahu-janma—for many births    Antya 16.131
  bahu-janmanā—for many births    SB 3.27.27
  bahu-janmera—of many births    Madhya 7.47
  bahu-jīva—many living entities    Antya 3.67
  bahu-jñatā—vast learning    SB 7.7.51-52
  bahu-jñāḥ—persons with varied experience    SB 7.15.21
  bahu-kṣaṇa—long ago    Antya 5.29
  bahu-kṣaṇe—for a long time    Madhya 6.7
  bahu-kṣaṇe—after a long time    Antya 14.70
  bahu-kṛcchra-adhigatam—earned after much hard labor    SB 5.14.2
  bahu-kṛpā kailā—showed much affection because of love and mercy    Antya 1.46
  bahu-kṛpā kailā—showed much mercy.    Antya 12.44
  bahu-lane—unto many persons    Antya 4.171
  bahu-manyamānaḥ—considering as very important    SB 7.6.11-13
  bahu-mataḥ—in great estimation    Bg 2.35
  bahu-mate—in various ways.    Antya 12.67
  bahu-mukhāt—who can talk nonsensically in various ways    SB 9.11.10
  bahu-mūlya—high price    Madhya 15.87
  bahu-mūlya—costly    Antya 10.109
  bahu-mūlya—very costly    Antya 10.146
  bahu-mūrti—many forms    Madhya 13.64
  bahu-mūrti—having many forms    Madhya 20.173
  bahu-mūrti hañā—taking multifarious forms.    Adi 5.94
  bahu-māna—offering all respect    SB 10.1.52
  bahu-māna-puraskṛtam—offering him much respect    SB 9.21.9
  bahu-mānayan—showing regard    SB 3.29.34
  bahu-mānena—with great respect    SB 3.29.17
  bahu-mānena—by great respect and honor    SB 8.9.23
  bahu-mānitam—very respectfully served.    SB 3.23.30
  bahu-nāma—of different names    SB 10.4.13
  bahu-nāmā—different names    SB 10.4.13
  bahu-padāḥ—those who have many legs    SB 3.29.30
  bahu-parivāra—many members of the family    Madhya 14.131
  bahu-pratiyoga—full of great difficulties and varieties of miserable conditions    SB 5.14.1
  bahu-prīti—great affection    Madhya 6.69
  bahu-pādam—with many legs    SB 4.29.2
  bahu-raṅge—in many ways.    Madhya 3.95
  bahu-raṅge—with great pleasure.    Madhya 11.15
  bahu-raṅge—in great jubilation.    Madhya 11.126
  bahu-ratnayā—decorated with numerous jewels    SB 3.23.32
  bahu-rūpa—Bahurūpa    SB 5.20.25
  bahu-rūpa—many forms    Adi 1.69-70
  bahu-rūpa-rūpitam—manifested in various forms    SB 5.18.31
  bahu-rūpasya—having varieties of forms    SB 3.10.10
  bahu-rūpaḥ—multiforms    SB 2.9.2
  bahu-rūpayā—in multifarious forms    SB 2.9.2
  bahu-rūpiṇī—who has many other forms    SB 4.17.3
  bahu-rūpām—taking many forms    SB 6.5.6-8
  bahu-saṅge—with many men    Madhya 16.272
  bahu-sammāna—much respectful behavior    Antya 5.67
  bahu-sauṣṭhava-āḍhyam—very beautifully decorated    SB 3.15.42
  bahu-savaḥ—many, many years    SB 3.9.18
  bahu-stuti—many prayers    Madhya 7.76
  bahu-titham—of a long, long duration    SB 9.19.11
  bahu-titham—for many days, or for a long time    SB 10.12.36
  bahu-tithe kāle—after many years    SB 3.24.6
  bahu-udaram—many bellies    Bg 11.23
  bahu-vidha—various types of    Madhya 6.240
  bahu-vidha—various    Madhya 8.82
  bahu-vidha mūrti—many forms    Madhya 20.168
  bahu-vidhaiḥ—of different varieties    SB 4.29.23-25
  bahu-vidhaḥ—multifarious    SB 3.29.7
  bahu-vidhāḥ—various kinds of    Bg 4.32
  bahu-vidā—who are aware of many incidents of transcendental knowledge    SB 5.13.26
  bahu-vit—being very advanced in knowledge    SB 5.7.4
  bahu-vit—fully aware of the conclusion of Vedic literature    SB 5.15.9
  bahu-vit-tama—O greatly learned one    SB 3.10.2
  bahu-vākye—by many versions of many persons    Adi 16.11
  bahu-vārṣikam—for many years.    SB 9.7.7
  bahu-yoga-grantha-sammatam—approved by all yogic processes and their scriptures    SB 5.10.15
  bahu-ṛca-pravaraḥ—the best of those conversant with the Ṛg Veda    SB 9.17.1-3
  bahu-ṛca-ācāryaḥ—Saubhari Muni, who was expert in chanting mantras    SB 9.6.49
  bahu-ṛcaiḥ—by the śruti-mantras known as Bahvṛca-śruti, which are evidence from the Vedas    SB 8.19.38
  bahu-ṛcaḥ—learned    SB 1.4.1
  bahu-ṛcaḥ—quite expert in utilizing Vedic mantras    SB 9.6.45-46
  bahu-āścaryam—full of many wonders    SB 3.23.43
  bhagna-bāhu—with broken arms    SB 8.6.36
  bāhu tuli—raising His two arms    Madhya 25.176
  bāhu-daṇḍa—arms    SB 1.14.38
  bāhu-daṇḍa-guptāyām—being protected by His arms    SB 1.14.35-36
  bāhu-kṣepam ca—striking the arms on the body    SB 10.11.8
  bāhu-valayān—the arm ornaments    SB 3.28.27
  catuḥ-bāhu—unto the four-armed    SB 4.24.45-46
  śrī-bāhu—His transcendental arms    Antya 10.70
  diyā bahu-jane—carried by many persons.    Madhya 16.124
  kailā bahu-raṅge—performed in great jubilation.    Madhya 18.53
  nikṛtta-bāhu—cut off arms    SB 8.10.37
  sa-bahu-mānam—with great respect    SB 5.1.20
  sa-bahu-mānam—with great regard    SB 5.3.3
  sa-bahu-mānam—with great honor    SB 5.17.3
  sa-bahu-mānam—always respectfully    SB 5.23.1
  su-bahu-vit—highly experienced    SB 3.1.5
  yajña-bāhu—Yajñabāhu    SB 5.1.25
  ūrdhva bāhu—raising the arms    Madhya 24.276
  ūrdhva bāhu kari—raising the arms.    Madhya 7.116
  ūrdhva-bāhu—raising my hands    Adi 17.32
  ūrdhva-bāhu kari—raising his arms upward.    Madhya 18.177

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