Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ayusa

  ayusa—by duration of life    SB 3.14.21
  ayusa—with a duration of life.    SB 4.31.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ayusa

  brahma-ayusa—with a lifetime equal to Lord Brahma's    Adi 1.48, Madhya 22.48
  vibudha-ayusa—with a lifetime as long as that of the demigods    Adi 4.180, Antya 7.44
  purusa-ayusa—by the duration of his age    SB 3.8.22
  purusa-ayusa—in a human lifetime (about one hundred years)    SB 5.18.15
  vibudha-ayusa—with a duration of life like that of Brahma    SB 5.16.4
  vibudha-ayusa api—even with a duration of life like that of the demigods    Madhya 8.93
  vidhura-ayusa—having a lifetime full of affliction.    SB 7.2.54