Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ayudhaih

  ayudhaih—with weapons    SB 4.5.13, SB 4.30.6
  ayudhaih—by any weapons used within this material world    SB 7.3.36
  ayudhaih—and with weapons    SB 8.18.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ayudhaih

  alata-ayudhaih—with weapons of firebrands    SB 4.4.34
  sita-ayudhaih—by serpent weapons    SB 8.5.15-16
  saha-ayudhaih—and with weapons in their hands, although the hands were severed    SB 8.10.39
  ud-ayudhaih—with uplifted weapons    SB 4.7.32
  vividha-ayudhaih—with varieties of weapons.    SB 8.10.6