Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ayanam

  ayanam—lying in place    SB 2.10.10
  ayanam—movement    SB 3.7.16
  ayanam—the movement of the sun in six months    SB 3.11.11
  ayanam—the shelter    SB 5.6.16
  ayanam—ayana    SB 5.22.6
  ayanam—the demigod in charge of the passing of the sun    SB 7.15.50-51
  ayanam—the movements of the stars and planets in relationship to human society    SB 10.8.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ayanam

  bila-ayanam—the subterranean planets    SB 5.24.16
  daksina-ayanam—when the sun passes on the southern side    Bg 8.25
  daksina-ayanam—the sun passes to the southern side    SB 5.21.6
  dhyana-ayanam—easily meditated upon    SB 3.28.33
  guna-ayanam—one who has acquired all the good qualities    SB-4.21.44
  krta-svasti-ayanam—decorated with auspicious marks    SB 3.23.30
  krta-svasti-ayanam—dressed with auspicious garments and ornaments    SB 4.27.2
  rasa-ayanam—mellow.    Madhya 1.211
  svasti-ayanam—all-blissful    SB 1.3.40
  svasti-ayanam—perception of all happiness    SB 2.6.36
  svasti-ayanam—creating auspiciousness    SB 4.12.45
  svasti-ayanam—auspiciousness    SB 4.23.34
  svasti-ayanam—the abode of auspiciousness    SB 5.14.46
  svasti-ayanam—the means of liberation    SB 6.2.7
  svasti-ayanam—brings good fortune for all    SB 6.13.22-23
  svasti-ayanam—Vedic mantras (by the brahmanas)    SB 10.5.1-2
  svasti-ayanam—auspicious hymns    SB 10.7.13-15