Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ayana

  ayana—the body    SB 5.18.37
  ayana—the shelters    Adi 2.42
  ayana—the motion    Adi 2.46
  ayana—produces    SB 5.3.11
  ayana—approaching    SB 7.1.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ayana

  ayana-sabdete—by the word ayana    Adi 2.38
  daksina-ayana—of passing to the southern side of the equator    SB 5.21.3
  jana-netra-rasa-ayana—very pleasing to the eyes of everyone    Madhya 21.131
  karna-rasa-ayana—most pleasing to the ear.    Madhya 8.255
  maha-rasa-ayana—the complete abode of transcendental mellow    Madhya 24.38
  prana-ayana—of the movement of the life air    SB 4.29.71
  rasa-ayana—something relishable    Antya 17.29
  ayana-silatvat—due to refreshing    SB 5.22.10