Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avyakta

  avyakta—unmanifested    Bg 12.5, SB 1.4.16, SB 3.10.12, SB 3.15.5, SB 4.16.10, SB 8.18.12
  avyakta—nonmanifested    Bg 2.28
  avyakta—the unmanifest    Bg 8.18
  avyakta—the impersonal feature    SB 2.6.11
  avyakta—transcendental    SB 3.8.33
  avyakta—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.1.13
  avyakta—inconceivable    SB 5.23.2
  avyakta—from unmanifested nature    SB 10.10.12
  avyaktā—unmanifested    Bg 12.5
  ananta-avyakta-rūpeṇa—by the unlimited, unmanifested form    SB 7.3.34
  avyakta-bandho—O my Lord, You are the inaugurator of the unmanifested (the original mahat-tattva or prakṛti)    SB 10.3.26
  avyakta-gateḥ—of one whose movements are invisible    SB 1.19.36
  avyakta-gateḥ—the movement of which is imperceptible    SB 3.32.37
  avyakta-gatiḥ—whose movement is imperceptible    SB 4.27.29
  avyakta-gatiḥ—whose glories are inconceivable    SB 5.19.9
  avyakta-karmaṇaḥ—whose activities are unknown to everyone.    SB 8.7.35
  avyakta-liṅgaḥ—without manifesting your real identity    SB 5.10.20
  avyakta-liṅgaḥ—whose symptoms of sannyāsa are unmanifested    SB 7.13.10
  avyakta-liṅgāḥ—whose cause is unmanifested    SB 4.4.21
  avyakta-mūlam—self-situated    SB 3.8.29
  avyakta-mūrtinā—unmanifested form    Bg 9.4
  avyakta-mārga-vit—knower of that which we do not know.    SB 3.20.9
  avyakta-pada—who sing unclear songs    SB 5.13.16
  avyakta-rāvaḥ—because of choking, he could not even make a sound    SB 10.7.28
  avyakta-ātmanaḥ—of the unmanifested    SB 3.12.48

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