Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avista

  āviṣṭa—absorbed    SB 4.31.8, Adi 17.91, Madhya 13.162
  āviṣṭa—ecstatic    Madhya 5.144, Madhya 5.145
  āviṣṭa—overwhelmed    Madhya 6.4, Madhya 6.34
  āviṣṭa—fully absorbed    Madhya 13.163, Antya 14.29
  āviṣṭa—in an ecstatic mood    Madhya 1.67
  prema-āviṣṭa hailā—became overwhelmed by ecstatic love.    Madhya 17.193, Madhya 20.51, Antya 1.82
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being absorbed in ecstatic love    Madhya 16.279, Madhya 17.158, Antya 20.138
  prema-āviṣṭa—absorbed in love    Adi 3.12, Madhya 3.134
  āviṣṭa ha-ilā—became overwhelmed    Antya 14.85, Antya 17.32
  āviṣṭa hailā—became overwhelmed    Madhya 9.235, Antya 14.20
  āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed    Madhya 5.6, Madhya 16.183
  bhāva-āviṣṭa—absorbed in that ecstasy    Madhya 13.125
  bhāva-āviṣṭa—always absorbed in thoughts of Kṛṣṇa    Antya 5.49-50
  bhāva-āviṣṭa—overwhelmed by ecstatic loving emotions    Antya 16.120
  bhāva-āviṣṭa—absorbed in ecstatic love    Antya 16.141
  bhāva-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Antya 20.63
  deva-āviṣṭa—empowered by demigods    Adi 14.59
  krodha-āviṣṭa ha-ilā—became very angry.    Antya 13.10
  nāma-āviṣṭa—absorbed in chanting the holy name    Antya 3.246
  prema-āviṣṭa—saturated with love of Godhead    Madhya 4.136
  prema-āviṣṭa—absorbed in the ecstasy of love of God    Madhya 6.227
  prema-āviṣṭa—absorbed in ecstatic love of Godhead    Madhya 6.229
  prema-āviṣṭa—in ecstatic love    Madhya 9.347
  prema-āviṣṭa—absorbed in ecstatic love    Madhya 16.224
  prema-āviṣṭa—overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Madhya 18.13
  prema-āviṣṭa—overwhelmed with ecstatic love    Madhya 20.52
  prema-āviṣṭa—overwhelmed in ecstatic love and emotion    Madhya 25.230
  prema-āviṣṭa ha-ilā—became overwhelmed in ecstatic love    Antya 13.52
  prema-āviṣṭa hailā—he became ecstatic    Madhya 12.67
  prema-āviṣṭa hailā—became ecstatic in love of Godhead    Madhya 15.123
  prema-āviṣṭa hailā—became overwhelmed with love and affection    Madhya 25.232
  prema-āviṣṭa hailā—became absorbed in ecstatic love    Antya 6.90
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—in great ecstatic love.    Madhya 11.54
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming absorbed in pure love    Madhya 11.150
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—in the great ecstasy of love.    Madhya 17.155
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming ecstatic in love    Madhya 18.33
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—becoming ecstatic in love of Godhead    Madhya 19.73
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love of God    Antya 2.18
  prema-āviṣṭa hañā—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Antya 11.90
  prema-āviṣṭa mana—the mind was full of ecstatic love    Madhya 18.156
  prema-āviṣṭa-mana—with a greatly ecstatic mind    Madhya 13.92
  sukha-āviṣṭa hañā—being absorbed in happiness    Madhya 14.182
  āviṣṭa ha-ilā—became ecstatic in love    Madhya 25.62
  āviṣṭa ha-ilā—was overwhelmed.    Antya 1.98
  āviṣṭa ha-ilā—entered    Antya 2.5-6
  āviṣṭa hañā—being in great ecstasy    Madhya 9.95
  āviṣṭa hañā—in great ecstasy.    Madhya 13.91
  āviṣṭa hañā—being fully absorbed    Madhya 13.164
  āviṣṭa-cetāḥ—the devotee who is completely absorbed (in such activities)    SB 10.2.37

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