Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avayavaih

  avayavaiḥ—by the limbs of the body    SB 2.5.36
  avayavaiḥ—from the parts of the body of the Personality of Godhead    SB 2.6.27
  avayavaiḥ—by the parts and parcels    SB 2.6.28
  avayavaiḥ—by embodiments    SB 2.8.8
  avayavaiḥ—by different parts of the body    SB 2.8.11
  avayavaiḥ—whose limbs    SB 3.25.36
  avayavaiḥ—and by the limbs of the body    SB 5.2.6
  avayavaiḥ—by different parts    SB 7.3.31
  avayavaiḥ—the subtle parts    SB 7.15.60

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing avayavaih.