Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avasista

  avaśiṣṭa—remained undescribed    Adi 10.47
  avaśiṣṭa—what remains    Madhya 25.112
  avaśiṣṭa—of remnants of food    Antya 6.122
  avaśiṣṭa—remaining    Antya 16.140
  avaśiṣṭā—remaining child    SB 10.5.29
  avaśiṣṭa pātra—a plate of remnants of food    Antya 6.212
  avaśiṣṭa-pātra—the plate of remnants    Antya 13.108
  avaśiṣṭa-pātra-prasāda—remnants of food    Madhya 18.89
  kichu avaśiṣṭa nāi—there were no remnants left.    Antya 2.62
  yajñā-avaśiṣṭa-arthaiḥ—things obtained after a sacrifice is offered to the Lord or after the recommended pañca-sūnā yajña is performed    SB 7.14.14

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