Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avasane

  avasāne—being freed from all material contamination    SB 2.2.31
  avasāne—termination    SB 3.11.23
  avasāne—at the end of    SB 3.32.8
  avasāne—at the end (of reading Vedic mantras)    SB 7.12.3
  avasāne—at the end    Adi 17.88
  dvi-parārdha-avasāne—after millions and millions of years (the life of Brahmā)    SB 10.3.25
  homa-avasāne—on the completion of the ceremony    SB 6.19.26-28
  krīḍā-avasāne—at the end of the period for the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.4.53-54
  kriyā-avasāne—at the end of one's prescribed duties    SB 2.2.14
  nṛtya-avasāne—at the end of the dancing    Adi 17.243

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