Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avara

  avara—mundane    SB 1.19.14
  avara—inferior    SB 3.5.37
  avara—later    SB 3.20.1
  avara-jaḥ—the youngest    SB 8.13.6
  avara-jān—and those who were younger than He    SB 9.10.45-46
  para-avara—past and future    SB 1.4.16
  para-avara—spiritual and material    SB 3.2.15
  para-avara—with past and future    SB 4.13.24
  para-avara—of higher or lower    SB 7.9.27
  para-avara-dṛk—seeing the cause and effect    SB 6.16.11
  para-avara-īśam—the proprietor of the spiritual and material worlds    SB 3.32.7
  para-avara-ātma-āśrayaṇam—the shelter of all living entities, low and high    SB 8.7.27

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