Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avaloka

  avaloka—glancing    SB 1.16.35, SB 3.2.14, SB 5.1.29, Antya 4.64
  avaloka—looking    SB 1.11.36
  avaloka—looking upon    SB 3.15.39
  avaloka—with a glance    SB 3.23.9
  avaloka—glance    SB 4.7.21
  avaloka—by glancing    SB 5.2.6
  avaloka-anugateḥ—from moving only after glancing    SB 5.10.2
  avaloka-līlayā—by playful glancing    SB 5.18.16
  bhāṣita-avaloka—by the conversations and by their beautiful glances    SB 5.14.28
  karuṇa-avaloka—glancing with kindness    SB 5.25.5
  līlā-avaloka—by playful glances    SB 5.17.13
  praṇaya-bāṣpa-niruddha-avaloka-nayanaḥ—awakening of tears of love in the eyes, obstructing the vision    SB 5.7.12
  tvat-avaloka—by seeing You    SB 6.16.45

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