Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: avaham

  sukha-āvaham—bringing happiness    SB 3.12.18, SB 3.23.14-15
  abrahmaṇya-bhaya-āvahām—causing fear to the kings who had no respect for brahminical culture    SB 9.16.18-19
  bhaya-āvaham—the threatening principle    SB 1.11.3
  bhaya-āvaham—fearful    SB 6.18.69
  duḥkha-śoka-bhaya-āvaham—which is the cause of all kinds of distress, lamentation and fear    SB 9.13.10
  pratyanīka-bhaya-āvaham—the Lord’s disc, which was extremely fearful to the enemies of the Lord and His devotees    SB 9.4.28
  sarva-kāla-sukha-āvaham—where in all seasons it is pleasing to live    SB 10.11.35
  sarva-loka-sukha-āvaham—by hearing of which everyone becomes happy.    SB 8.24.2-3

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