Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avadhuta

  avadhuta—neglected by others    SB 1.19.25
  avadhuta—of the name Avadhuta    SB 4.25.48
  avadhuta—neglected    SB 5.5.31
  avadhuta—O master of all mystic power    SB 5.12.1
  avadhuta—the mendicant    Adi 5.161
  avadhuta—agitated and cleansed.    Madhya 21.18
  avadhuta—the great devotee and mendicant    Antya 3.149
  avadhuta—paramahamsa    Antya 7.20
  avadhuta—Nityananda Prabhu    Antya 12.78

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: avadhuta

  avadhuta paramananda—of the name Avadhuta Paramananda.    Adi 11.49
  avadhuta-candra—to the moon of mendicants    Antya 8.3
  avadhuta-gosani—Nityananda Prabhu    Madhya 16.39
  avadhuta-indoh—of Sri Nityananda    Adi 11.4
  avadhuta-lingah—who remain hidden under different bodily guises    SB 5.13.23
  avadhuta-sevitah—achieved by the self-realized souls.    SB 4.4.21
  avadhuta-vesa-bhasa-caritaih—by the dress, language and characteristics of an avadhuta    SB 5.6.6
  avadhuta-vesah—dressed like a mendicant    SB 3.1.19
  avadhuta-vesah—appearing like an avadhuta (having no concern with the material world)    SB 5.5.29
  avadhuta-akrtih—the dress of a mendicant    Madhya 24.348
  bhrasta avadhuta—reject paramahamsa    Madhya 3.85
  nityananda avadhuta—the mendicant Lord Nityananda    Adi 6.48