Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avadhi

  avadhi—limitation.    Adi 5.52, Adi 11.60
  avadhi—limit    Madhya 8.194, Madhya 9.308
  avadhi—the highest limit.    Adi 4.48
  avadhi—the limit    Madhya 8.196
  adya-avadhi—to date    Madhya 9.248
  bālya-avadhi—since the days of my childhood    Madhya 9.26
  kalpa-avadhi—until the end of the millennium    Madhya 20.145
  pāṇḍityera avadhi—the limit of learned scholarship    Madhya 10.110
  sādhya-avadhi—the highest limit of perfection    Madhya 8.96

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