Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atyaye

  atyaye—at the time of devastation.    SB 4.30.45

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: atyaye

  dina-atyaye—at the end of the day.    SB 1.9.44, SB 3.11.28
  jana-atyaye—for the ultimate destruction of the entire creation.    SB 10.3.20
  kalä-atyaye—after the annihilation of the material world.    SB 4.24.29
  kñapä-atyaye—at the end of night.    SB 8.11.26
  niça-atyaye—at the end of night    SB 8.4.25
  prajä-atyaye—when there was killing of the people in general    SB 8.11.34
  präëa-atyaye—at the time of death    SB 8.4.25