Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aturam

  äturam—distressed    SB 1.6.38
  äturam—dejected    SB 1.14.23
  äturam—who were very afraid    SB 6.11.8
  äturam—very aggrieved    SB 7.2.56
  äturam—that grave condition    SB 8.2.28
  äturam—in my distress    SB 8.2.32

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: aturam

  bhaya-äturam—who is very afraid    SB 5.18.20
  bhåça-äturam—highly regretful and agitated    SB 6.14.47
  grahaëa-äturam—afflicted because of being captured    SB 7.8.29
  käma-äturam—always full of different desires and lusty propensities    SB 7.9.39
  viraha-äturam—afflicted by the thought of separation.    SB 9.14.41