Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atura

  atura—afflicted.    SB 3.33.20, SB 5.8.6
  atura—very sorry    SB 3.33.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: atura

  bhaya-atura—in distress and fear    SB 9.2.5-6
  jara-atura—disturbed by invalidity    Madhya 2.90
  jara-atura—troubled by invalidity    Antya 20.93
  atura-cittanam—of those whose minds are always full of cares and anxieties    SB 1.6.34
  atura-indriyah—who is distressed    SB 4.3.21
  atura-atma—aggrieved in self.    SB 3.4.20