Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmasat

  atmasat—identify with oneself    SB 3.1.2
  atmasat—accepting as their own    SB 4.26.21
  atmasat—under subjection    SB 7.8.50
  atmasat—absorbed    Adi 1.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: atmasat

  krtva atmasat—considering very near and dear to Him    SB 6.9.26-27
  krtva atmasat—causing me (to acquire spiritual qualities like himself, Sri Narada)    SB 7.9.28
  nija bhakte atmasat—accepting His devotee again    Antya 2.169
  atmasat kari—accepting    Madhya 10.33
  atmasat krtva—again identifying with the self    SB 7.15.37
  atmasat krtva—claiming as his own    SB 10.10.12
  atmasat-krtanam—of those You have accepted as Your own    SB 6.9.41