Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmani

  ātmani—in himself    Bg 3.17, Bg 4.38, SB 4.15.24, SB 4.28.42, SB 5.5.28, SB 5.13.25, SB 6.16.53-54, SB 6.17.30, SB 7.9.34
  ātmani—in the self    Bg 5.21, Bg 6.20-23, Bg 6.26, Bg 6.29, Bg 15.11, SB 1.3.30, SB 1.3.33, SB 4.22.49
  ātmani—in the Supreme Soul    Bg 4.35, SB 5.5.35, SB 7.13.4, Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  ātmani—in the mind    SB 3.33.8, SB 4.11.29, SB 4.29.61, SB 4.29.64, SB 6.14.24
  ātmani—in the Supersoul    SB 3.15.33, SB 3.24.46, SB 4.13.7, SB 5.8.29
  ātmani—in his own self    SB 4.28.40, SB 5.15.7, SB 10.13.45, Madhya 14.158
  ātmani—unto the Supersoul    SB 1.9.43, SB 4.23.13, SB 9.9.47
  ātmani—in relation to Me    SB 2.9.34, Adi 1.54, Madhya 25.119
  ātmani—the basic principle of all existence    Madhya 8.275, Madhya 22.72, Madhya 25.129
  ātmani—self    Bg 13.25, SB 4.22.23
  ātmani—within himself    SB 1.2.12, SB 8.17.22
  ātmani—in yourself    SB 3.9.31, SB 3.21.31
  ātmani—in the body    SB 3.26.72, Antya 5.112
  ātmani—in the Supreme Spirit    SB 3.28.42, SB 4.12.11
  ātmani—in the heart    SB 4.8.50, SB 4.26.19
  ātmani—unto the living entity    SB 4.12.15
  ātmani—when the living entity    SB 5.5.6, SB 6.16.52
  ātmani—in one’s self    SB 7.12.15, SB 7.12.24
  ātmani—in the pure state of the soul    Bg 2.55
  ātmani—in the Transcendence    Bg 6.18
  ātmani—unto the self    SB 1.2.21
  ātmani—own self.    SB 1.7.23
  ātmani—own self    SB 1.10.21
  ātmani—in intelligence    SB 1.13.55
  ātmani—in person    SB 1.15.37
  ātmani—in the soul    SB 1.15.42
  ātmani—internal    SB 1.16.34
  ātmani—the self    SB 2.2.16
  ātmani—in the Superself    SB 2.2.16
  ātmani—upon the self    SB 2.6.39
  ātmani—unto Himself    SB 2.10.21
  ātmani—in the Supreme Self    SB 3.2.10
  ātmani—unto the Lord    SB 3.10.4
  ātmani—within your self    SB 3.15.6
  ātmani—in your own heart    SB 3.24.39
  ātmani—to himself    SB 3.26.6
  ātmani—being situated in Him    SB 4.1.56
  ātmani—in the Supreme    SB 4.6.46
  ātmani—unto the Supreme Soul    SB 4.22.21
  ātmani—unto the ego    SB 4.23.17
  ātmani—unto the soul    SB 4.29.23-25
  ātmani—of the self    SB 4.29.1b
  ātmani—to the mind    SB 4.31.20
  ātmani—with the Supreme Supersoul    SB 5.1.27
  ātmani—unto Vāsudeva, the original person    SB 5.6.6
  ātmani—in his own mind    SB 5.7.7
  ātmani—in his body    SB 5.7.12
  ātmani—whom he considered to be himself    SB 5.9.6
  ātmani—in His own self, or in the ordinary living entities    SB 5.11.13-14
  ātmani—in my mind    SB 5.18.8
  ātmani—to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the soul    SB 5.24.21
  ātmani—on the self or the Supersoul, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 6.2.40
  ātmani—in Your own self    SB 7.9.32
  ātmani—in his body and existence    SB 7.9.35
  ātmani—within the core of your heart    SB 7.10.12
  ātmani—unto the demons and demigods    SB 8.7.13
  ātmani—in herself    SB 8.17.21
  ātmani—within the mind    SB 9.2.11-13
  ātmani—unto the Supreme Lord    SB 9.5.26
  ātmani—of the ordinary living entity.    SB 10.2.39
  ātmani—on their own    SB 10.6.21
  sarva-ātmani—unto the Supersoul    SB 4.12.11, SB 9.2.11-13
  akhila-ātmani—unto the Supreme Soul    SB 2.8.3
  akhila-ātmani—the Supersoul    SB 3.25.19
  akhila-ātmani—the Supersoul of everyone    SB 7.5.41
  akhila-ātmani—the Supreme Soul, the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 8.17.2-3
  akhila-ātmani—the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 10.13.36
  anubhava-ātmani—which is always thought of (beginning from the lotus feet and gradually progressing upward).    SB 6.2.41
  cit-ātmani—in spiritual existence    Madhya 9.29
  deva-maya-ātmani—the Supersoul and maintainer of the demigods    SB 6.13.19-20
  draṣṭṛ-ātmani—unto the seer, the Supersoul    SB 3.7.13
  jagat-pavitra-ātmani—in He whose body can purify the whole world    SB 9.8.12
  jagat-ātmani—unto the Supersoul    SB 1.10.21
  jñāna-ātmani—in You, whose existence is in full knowledge    SB 6.16.39
  mahā-ātmani—the great soul, Prahlāda    SB 7.1.48
  mahā-ātmani—whose mind was very broad    SB 7.4.43
  mahā-ātmani—in the Supersoul, the Parabrahman (Kṛṣṇa).    SB 7.13.42
  mahā-ātmani—in the mahat-tattva, the total material energy    SB 9.7.25-26
  para-ātmani—unto the Supersoul    SB 9.5.25
  parama-ātmani—the Supersoul    SB 4.7.52
  parama-ātmani—unto the Supreme Soul    SB 5.19.20
  parama-ātmani—the supreme regulator    SB 5.24.19
  parama-ātmani—dealing with the Supreme Soul.    SB 9.6.54
  parama-ātmani—the Supreme Person    Madhya 24.128
  pratyak-ātmani—the Supersoul within everyone    SB 3.24.45
  pratyak-ātmani—unto the Supersoul    SB 4.11.30
  rūpa-ātmani—forms of the soul    SB 1.10.22
  samasta-ātmani—the universal being    SB 4.4.11
  sarva-bhūta-ātmani—the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 5.19.20
  sarva-bhūta-ātmani—who is situated as the soul and Supersoul of all living entities    SB 7.7.53
  sarva-ātmani—the Absolute Whole    SB 2.7.52
  sarva-ātmani—in the all-pervading    SB 5.17.3
  sarva-ātmani—in all respects    SB 5.18.5
  sarva-ātmani—the Supersoul of all    SB 6.9.39
  sarva-ātmani—in the supreme whole, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.20.30
  sattva-ātmani—who is situated in pure goodness    SB 6.12.21
  sva-anubhūti-ātmani—in self-realization    SB 7.13.44
  sva-ātmani—in Him    SB 8.3.4
  viśva-ātmani—in the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 4.7.38
  yukta-ātmani—on he whose mind was engaged (Prahlāda)    SB 7.5.41
  ātmani-darśanam—with all the intelligence possible within himself    SB 10.1.52

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