Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmane

  atmane—unto the Supreme Soul    SB 4.20.38, SB 4.24.33, SB 5.18.37
  atmane—unto Him in His personal form    SB 4.7.39
  atmane—nondifferent from you    SB 4.19.33
  atmane—the origin    SB 4.24.34
  atmane—unto the self    SB 4.24.40
  atmane—unto oneself    SB 5.9.19
  atmane—for himself    SB 5.14.14
  atmane—unto the soul of all living entities    SB 5.18.18
  atmane—unto himself (Prahlada Maharaja)    SB 7.5.53
  atmane—for his own benefit    SB 7.9.11
  atmane—relatives    SB 7.15.6
  atmane—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.5.44
  atmane—for self-realization.    SB 8.19.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: atmane

  ahankrta-atmane—the source of egotism    SB 4.24.43
  antah-atmane—unto the Supersoul in everyone’s heart.    SB 4.24.35
  avyaya-atmane—whose personality never deteriorates.    SB 7.8.40
  irita-atmane—unto the Lord, who is manifested.    SB 5.18.36
  guna-atmane—unto the source of the three modes of material nature    SB 4.17.29
  indriya-atmane—the director of the senses    SB 4.24.36
  jagat-atmane—the Supersoul of the entire universe    SB 8.16.33
  jnana-atmane—the reservoir of all enlightenment    SB 8.3.18
  kriya-atmane—unto You, the supreme form of all sacrifices    SB 3.13.39
  karana-atmane—the supreme cause of all causes    SB 4.24.42
  maha-atmane—the exalted Supersoul    SB 6.5.27-28
  maha-atmane—who is a great devotee    SB 7.4.28
  maha-atmane—unto the Supreme Soul, or the Supersoul    SB 7.10.10
  nibhrta-atmane—who is situated apart from this material creation.    SB 4.24.36
  parama-atmane—unto the Supreme Soul.    SB 7.10.10
  parama-atmane—unto the Supreme Soul, the Supersoul    SB 8.3.10
  prayata-atmane—who was self-controlled    SB 6.16.17
  prana-gana-atmane—the ultimate source of life    SB 5.18.28
  sarva-rasa-atmane—unto the all-pervading Supersoul.    SB 4.24.38
  upasiksita-atmane—unto You whose senses are under control    SB 5.19.3
  vidya-atmane—the Personality of Godhead, the embodiment of all knowledge    SB 8.16.31
  vilaya-udaya-atmane—in whom everything is annihilated and from whom everything is again manifested.    SB 5.17.24