Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmakam

  atmakam—consisting of    SB 3.31.42, SB 4.17.34
  atmakam—nature    Bg 18.44
  atmakam—in the matter of.    SB 2.6.33
  atmakam—because of His omnipotence    SB 3.14.47
  atmakam—generator.    SB 3.15.6
  atmakam—under the control    SB 4.29.79
  atmakam—favorable for self-realization.    SB 9.6.35-36
  atmakam—the Supersoul    SB 9.8.7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: atmakam

  panca-tattva-atmakam—comprehending the five transcendental subject matters    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  adhvara-atmakam—worshipable by performances of sacrifice    SB 3.13.35
  antah-atmakam—the internal, subtle senses    SB 3.26.14
  bhuta-indriya-atmakam—the original cause of the senses and the living beings    Madhya 25.36
  cit-atmakam—is moving due to consciousness (the spirit soul)    SB 8.3.2
  eka-atmakam—as one    Antya 8.78
  guna-traya-atmakam—being an interaction of the three modes of material nature    SB 4.3.11
  guna-traya-atmakam—whose body is expanded by the material energy, consisting of three modes (goodness, passion and ignorance)    SB 8.20.21
  karma-atmakam—absorbed in material activities    SB 5.5.5
  mahat-atmakam—manifest in the mahat-tattva.    SB 3.26.21
  mat-atmakam—consisting of Myself    SB 6.9.53
  narayana-atmakam—consisting of the mercy of Narayana    SB 6.8.1-2
  narayana-atmakam—related to Narayana    SB 6.8.35
  panca-atmakam—five elements    SB 4.22.26
  purusa-atmakam—related to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 7.15.6
  rasa-atmakam—composed of juice    SB 2.5.26-29
  raga-atmakam—born of desire or lust    Bg 14.7
  samvatsara-atmakam—consisting of one samvatsara    SB 5.20.30
  samvatsara-atmakam—whose nature is a samvatsara    SB 5.21.13
  sarva-atmakam—one hundred percent    SB 1.3.39
  sarva-atmakam—the Supersoul of everyone    SB 9.6.35-36
  sarva-atmakam—the Supreme Soul of everyone    SB 10.2.18
  sat-asat-atmakam—consisting of cause and effect    SB 3.26.10
  tri-guna-atmakam—conditioned by the three modes of nature, or a product of matter    SB 1.7.5
  tri-guna-atmakam—made of three modes of energy (sattva-rajas-tamo-guna)    SB 10.3.14
  ubhaya-atmakam—simultaneously dry and moist.    SB 8.11.39
  vikara-atmakam—changing from one type of thinking, feeling and willing to another    SB 10.1.42
  vayu-atmakam—represented by the demigod Vayu    SB 5.20.27
  yat-atmakam—consisting of which.    SB 3.26.9