Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmajah

  ātmajāḥ—sons    SB 4.1.31, SB 9.15.1, SB 9.17.1-3, SB 9.20.6, SB 9.23.34, SB 9.24.6-8
  ātmajaḥ—the son    SB 9.2.25, SB 9.2.34, SB 9.23.33
  ātmajaḥ—son    SB 6.14.29, SB 9.21.24
  ātmajaḥ—the son.    SB 9.9.30
  ātmajaḥ—Balāka’s son    SB 9.15.4
  ātmajaḥ—Kṛṣṇa, who has taken birth as your child    SB 10.8.14
  ātmajaḥ—your son    SB 10.8.19
  ātmajāḥ—offspring (sons)    SB 8.16.17
  ātmajāḥ—sons and daughters    SB 9.9.43
  nṛpa-ātmajaḥ—the son of the King    SB 4.8.76, SB 9.8.14
  sagara-ātmajāḥ—the sons of Sagara    SB 9.9.12, SB 9.9.13
  aja-ātmajaḥ—son of Brahmā.    SB 4.1.46-47
  apratiratha-ātmajaḥ—the son of Apratiratha.    SB 9.20.6
  citraratha-ātmajāḥ—the sons of Citraratha    SB 9.24.16-18
  śāntidevā-ātmajāḥ—the sons of another wife, named Śāntidevā    SB 9.24.50
  devaka-ātmajāḥ—sons of Devaka    SB 9.24.21-23
  dhanaka-ātmajāḥ—sons of Dhanaka.    SB 9.23.23
  madirā-ātmajāḥ—the sons of Madirā    SB 9.24.47-48
  nara-ātmajaḥ—the son of Nara.    SB 9.21.1
  nṛpa-ātmajaḥ—son of the King.    SB 4.8.11
  prathama-ātmajaḥ—of the first sons    SB 9.23.20-21
  priyavrata-ātmajaḥ—the son of King Priyavrata    SB 5.20.2
  priyavrata-ātmajaḥ—the son of Mahārāja Priyavrata    SB 5.20.9
  saha-ātmajaḥ—along with his daughter    SB 3.21.45-47
  sunaya-ātmajaḥ—the son of Sunaya    SB 9.22.42
  tat-ātmajaḥ—the son of him (Karambhi)    SB 9.24.5
  tava ātmajaḥ—your son.    SB 10.2.41
  uśīnara-ātmajāḥ—the sons of Uśīnara    SB 9.23.3-4
  virocana-ātmajaḥ—the son of Virocana    SB 5.24.18
  ātmajaḥ tataḥ—a son thereafter.    SB 9.23.14

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