Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmabhih

  ātmabhiḥ—by the living beings    SB 1.2.33
  ātmabhiḥ—by oneself    SB 1.7.48
  ātmabhiḥ—by one’s own    SB 3.5.48
  ātmabhiḥ—and false ego like the conditioned soul.    SB 3.9.36
  ātmabhiḥ—by heart and soul    SB 4.7.6
  ātmabhiḥ—consisting of false ego    SB 4.17.33
  ātmabhiḥ—self-realization    SB 4.22.37
  ātmabhiḥ—by illusion    SB 8.14.10
  ajita-ātmabhiḥ—who could not control their senses and thus were degraded    SB 9.15.16
  ajita-ātmabhiḥ—rascals who are unable to control the senses    SB 10.10.9
  akṛta-ātmabhiḥ—who are not sufficiently experienced    SB 4.17.32
  akṛta-ātmabhiḥ—by persons unable to control their senses.    SB 8.12.39
  dhṛta-ātmabhiḥ—by persons able to control the mind    SB 10.12.12
  jita-ātmabhiḥ—who have completely controlled the senses    SB 6.16.34
  lava-ātmabhiḥ—with insignificant gains    SB 3.13.49
  mahā-ātmabhiḥ—great souls    SB 1.5.28
  mahā-ātmabhiḥ—by those great souls.    SB 1.13.37
  mahā-ātmabhiḥ—by the broad-minded    SB 1.15.44
  mukta-ātmabhiḥ—by persons who are already liberated    SB 8.3.18
  niyata-ātmabhiḥ—by the self-controlled.    Bg 8.2
  prāṇa-indriya-ātmabhiḥ—by the life force, senses and mind    SB 6.14.46
  viṣaya-ātmabhiḥ—absorbed in material needs    SB 1.15.47-48

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