Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asva

  asva—horse    SB 2.1.35, Antya 15.15, Antya 15.17
  asva—horses    SB 8.11.26, Madhya 15.269
  asva—cavalry    SB 1.16.11
  asva—on horses    SB 3.19.21
  asva—of horses    SB 8.10.7
  asva—by horses    SB 9.10.20
  asva—with horses    SB 9.15.30
  asva—the horse incarnation    SB 10.2.40
  asva—of a horse    Madhya 20.299

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asva

  asva-anvesane—while trying to find their lost horse    SB 5.19.29-30
  asva-hartaram—who was stealing the horse of his father    SB 4.24.5
  asva-medham—a sacrifice offering a horse    Adi 17.164
  asva-medhena—by the asvamedha sacrifice    SB 4.19.11
  asva-medhan—horse sacrifices    SB 1.16.3
  asva-mut—who stole the horse.    SB 4.19.36
  asva-vidyam—the art of controlling horses    SB 9.9.16-17
  asva-rupam—not the form of the Lord.    SB 2.6.43-45
  asva-tantrah—dependent.    SB 5.18.19
  asva-pacat—including even the dog-eaters    SB 3.16.6
  asva-pakan—even to the candalas, persons habituated to eating the flesh of dogs    SB 8.16.55