Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asubhih

  asubhiḥ—life.    SB 1.4.11
  asubhiḥ—subsisting    SB 1.13.24
  asubhiḥ—by the life    SB 2.7.25
  asubhiḥ—with senses    SB 3.24.11
  asubhiḥ—the life airs    SB 5.26.22
  asubhiḥ—by the life breath    SB 6.3.16
  asubhiḥ—with his own life    SB 7.6.10
  asubhiḥ—by their lives    SB 8.20.7
  asubhiḥ ca—of life also    SB 8.15.3

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