Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asubha

  aśubha—evil    Bg 9.28
  aśubha—inauspicious    Bg 12.17
  aśubha—inauspiciousness    SB 3.9.7
  aśubha—of inauspicious reactions    SB 4.12.13
  aśubha-grahaḥ—an unfavorable, inauspicious planet    SB 5.22.14
  aśubha-nāśi—destroying all inauspiciousness    Antya 20.154
  aśubha-ātmanaḥ—whose mind is materially contaminated    SB 7.7.37
  śubha-aśubha—auspicious or inauspicious    Adi 1.94
  śubha-aśubha—the materially auspicious and inauspicious    Madhya 23.110
  śubha-aśubha-vivecanaḥ—who discriminates between what is auspicious and inauspicious.    SB 6.3.7

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