Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: astra

  astra—weapons    SB 1.7.44, SB 4.5.10, Adi 3.52, Adi 3.60, Adi 3.67, Adi 3.73, Adi 6.38, Madhya 9.231, Madhya 11.100, Madhya 20.342 (and more...)
  astra—weapon    SB 1.7.31, SB 1.16.13-15
  astra—arrows    SB 6.9.44, SB 6.9.55
  astra—of weapons    Madhya 20.172, Madhya 20.239
  astra—the brahmastra    SB 1.12.7
  astra—bows and arrows    SB 6.9.19
  astra—of the arrows released by mantras    SB 6.10.26
  astra—by the brahmastra    SB 10.1.5-7
  astra—the weapon of chanting the Hare Krsna mantra    Madhya 6.103

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: astra

  astra-dharana—of holding the weapons    Madhya 20.207, Madhya 20.222
  astra-agni-tapena—from the heat of the fire of the Sudarsana cakra    SB 9.5.13
  astra-anvitaih—with hymns (mantras)    SB 4.5.23
  astra-bhede—according to the different weapons    Madhya 20.191
  astra-bhrtam—of all the soldiers who could use weapons    SB 9.15.33
  astra-dhara—holding of different weapons    Madhya 20.226
  astra-dhrti—of holding the weapon    Madhya 20.221
  astra-jnah—expert in military science    SB 1.7.28
  astra-jnanam—the art of military administration    SB 9.22.38
  astra-kara—weapons in the different hands.    Madhya 20.226
  astra-kara—weapons in the hands.    Madhya 20.239
  astra-ogham—different types of weapons    SB 4.10.16
  astra-pugaih—by any kind of weapon    SB 3.15.35
  astra-pugaih—with bow and arrows    SB 9.11.20
  astra-putah—purified by arrows    SB 3.2.20
  astra-tejasa—by the influence of your weapon.    SB 1.7.28
  astra-tejah—the glare of this weapon    SB 1.7.28
  astra-tejah—radiation of the brahmastra    SB 1.12.10
  sastra-astra-pugaih—by the bunches of weapons and mantras    SB 6.10.27
  sastra-astra-varsa-oghah—showers of arrows and other weapons    SB 6.10.25
  drauni-astra—by the weapon of the son of Drona    SB 1.18.1
  drauni-astra—by the weapon of Drauni, the son of Drona    SB 3.3.17
  kusuma-astra-vega—pierced by the arrow of Cupid    SB 4.26.26
  maha-astra—of the great weapon (the disc)    SB 5.18.15
  sarva-astra-ghatin—O destroyer of all weapons    SB 9.5.4
  tara astra—their weapons    Madhya 9.232