Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asta

  asta—eight    SB 4.14.4, SB 4.30.6, SB 4.30.7, SB 5.20.40, SB 6.8.12, SB 9.24.53-55, SB 10.4.9, Adi 13.72, Madhya 14.167, Madhya 15.196 (and more...)
  asta—possessing eight    SB 6.8.12
  asta—eight thousand    SB 9.24.10-11
  asta—bereft of    SB 3.30.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asta

  asta-bhavat—without devotion    Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141, Madhya 25.32
  asta-kaudira—costing eight kaudis    Antya 6.304, Antya 6.305
  asta-masa—eight months    Adi 10.156, Antya 13.105
  asta-masa—for eight months    Antya 13.112, Antya 13.119
  asta-prahara—twenty-four hours    Madhya 19.126, Madhya 19.130
  asta-vimsatih—twenty-eight.    SB 5.22.11, SB 5.26.7
  asta bheda—a total of eight kinds.    Madhya 24.288
  asta dande—in eight dandas    Madhya 20.389
  asta dike—in the eight directions    Adi 9.16
  asta jana—eight persons.    Madhya 13.33
  asta jana—eight personalities    Madhya 20.203
  asta mohara—eight golden coins    Madhya 20.29
  asta mula—eight roots    Adi 9.16
  asta mrdanga—eight mrdangas    Madhya 11.216
  asta naksatrani—eight stars    SB 5.23.6
  asta sattvika—eight transcendental kinds    Madhya 13.101
  asta varsani—eight tracts of land    SB 5.17.11
  asta-angam—consisting of eight parts    SB 3.25.37
  asta-bhogaih—with eight kinds of achievement.    SB 3.15.45
  asta-bhava—of eight kinds of ecstatic emotional symptoms    Madhya 14.175
  asta-bhava—eight kinds of ecstatic symptoms    Madhya 14.177
  asta-catvarimsat—forty-eight    SB 9.21.3-5
  asta-satadhikani—increased by eight hundred    SB 5.21.12
  asta-sloka kari—composing eight verses    Antya 20.64
  asta-slokera—of the eight stanzas    Antya 20.64
  asta-dharena—by the thunderbolt    SB 8.11.28
  asta-dike—in the eight directions    Madhya 20.211
  asta-dina—constantly for eight days.    Madhya 14.243
  asta-jana—eight persons.    Madhya 20.204
  asta-laksa khaya—enjoys 800,000 coins    Antya 6.32
  asta-loka-pa—of the predominating deities of the eight heavenly planets    SB 3.23.39
  asta-maha-bhujah—possessing eight mighty arms    SB 6.4.35-39
  asta-manjari—eight tulasi flowers    Antya 6.297
  asta-masa rahi—after staying for eight months    Antya 13.119
  asta-nemi—made of eight fellies (the eight external energies of the Lord    SB 8.5.28
  asta-padma-sange—is associated with the eight lotus flowers.    Antya 19.94
  asta-pancasa—they become fifty-eight    Madhya 24.294
  asta-prahara—twenty-four hours a day    Antya 13.93
  asta-prahara yaya—he passed the whole day and night.    Antya 13.132
  asta-saptati—seventy-eight    SB 9.20.24-26
  asta-sattvika vikara—eight kinds of transcendental transformations    Antya 14.99
  asta-varga—eight area    Adi 13.90
  asta-vidhah—eight kinds    SB 3.10.28-29
  asta-vitapah—eight branches (the five gross elements    SB 10.2.27
  asta-rddhi-yuktam—composed of the eight kinds of mystic perfection    SB 9.21.12
  asta-adhipatyam—lording it over with eightfold achievements    SB 2.2.22
  asta-ayudha—equipped with eight kinds of weapons    SB 8.10.54
  asta-padam—gold    Antya 1.169
  asta haya—the sun sets in the evening    Madhya 20.390
  asta-bhavat—speculating in various ways but not knowing or desiring more information of Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.32
  asta-cakraya—who throws the disc    SB 6.9.31
  asta-satruh—until the enemy is defeated    SB 7.15.45
  asta-sattvika—eight spiritual    Antya 15.86
  dvi-asta—twice eight    SB 1.14.37
  dvi-asta—sixteen    SB 1.19.26
  dvi-asta-sahasram—sixteen thousand    Adi 1.71
  dvi-asta-sahasram—sixteen thousand    Madhya 20.170
  kaudi asta-pana—640 kaudis    Antya 6.270
  trimsat-asta-uttara-mantra-vargah—in the category of thirty-eight important Vedic mantras    SB 8.7.29