Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asritah

  āśritaḥ—taking shelter of    SB 1.6.15, SB 5.1.19, SB 6.17.38, Madhya 22.101
  āśritaḥ—refuge    Bg 12.11
  āśritaḥ—situated    Bg 15.14
  āśritaḥ—under    SB 1.3.6
  āśritaḥ—under the protection    SB 1.16.11
  āśritaḥ—taken refuge    SB 3.23.42
  āśritaḥ—receiving    SB 6.4.34
  āśritaḥ—situated on    SB 7.9.35
  āśritaḥ—took shelter of (and is living in even now).    SB 9.22.16-17
  āśritaḥ—taking recourse to    Adi 3.83
  āśritaḥ—accepting    Adi 4.34
  āśritāḥ—accepting.    Bg 7.15
  āśritāḥ—taken shelter of    Bg 9.13
  āśritāḥ—being taken to    SB 3.2.10
  āśritāḥ—those who are so situated    SB 3.6.29
  āśritāḥ—have taken shelter.    SB 4.2.30
  āśritāḥ—sheltered at    SB 7.8.51
  āśritāḥ—accepting as the jurisdiction    SB 9.23.16
  āśritāḥ—sheltered.    Adi 3.81
  arca-āśritāḥ—places where the Deity of Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa is worshiped (such as big American cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and European cities like London and Paris, or wherever there are centers of Kṛṣṇa consciousness)    SB 7.14.30-33
  bhavam āśritaḥ—who is in material existence    SB 7.6.5
  durga-āśritaḥ—being in a fortified place    SB 5.1.18
  ātma-āśritāḥ—about himself    SB 4.16.26

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