Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asrita

  asrita—of the sheltered    Adi 2.95, Madhya 20.151
  asrita—resting on    SB 7.3.2

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asrita

  bhagavat-asrita-asrita-anubhavah—the consequence of taking shelter of a devotee who has similarly taken shelter of a spiritual master in the parampara system (one is sure to get out of the great nescience of the bodily concept of life).    SB 5.13.25, SB 5.13.25
  carana-asrita—one who has taken shelter of the lotus feet    Adi 7.2
  tanhara carana-asrita—all who have taken shelter at His lotus feet    Adi 11.2
  asrita jana—subservient people    Antya 6.150
  asrita-padah—surrendered soul    SB 2.7.42
  asrita-padah—those who have taken shelter of the Lord    Madhya 6.235