Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asrame

  asrame—in the cottage    SB 1.7.3, SB 9.15.27
  asrame—in the status    SB 2.4.13
  asrame—hermitage    SB 3.33.13
  asrame—household life    SB 4.29.54
  asrame—the order of    Adi 7.34
  asrame—in the social order    Madhya 12.50

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asrame

  purva-asrame—in My previous asrama    Madhya 9.301, Madhya 9.301
  asoka-vanika-asrame—in a small cottage in the forest of Asoka trees    SB 9.10.30
  grhastha-asrame—in household life    Antya 14.48
  nija-asrame—to his own asrama    SB 7.7.12
  purva-asrame—in the previous asrama    Madhya 10.103