Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asramam

  asramam—the cottage    SB 1.4.32
  asramam—orders of life    SB 1.9.26
  asramam—in shelter    SB 1.13.51
  asramam—hermitage of Samika Rsi    SB 1.18.24-25
  asramam—the hermitage    SB 1.18.38
  asramam—the order    SB 5.1.26
  asramam—place of residence    SB 5.2.11
  asramam—your abode    SB 6.7.27
  asramam—to the place of austerity.    SB 7.3.14
  asramam—to the shelter    SB 8.16.2
  asramam—to his residence.    SB 8.24.16
  asramam—to the residence    SB 9.3.18
  asramam—to the residence of his father    SB 9.15.35-36
  asramam—to his own residence    SB 9.16.1
  asramam—to the residence of Jamadagni    SB 9.16.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asramam

  angana-asramam—household life    SB 4.29.55
  cyavana-asramam—to the asrama cottage of Cyavana Muni.    SB 9.3.2
  kapila-asramam—to the holy place known as Kapilasrama.    SB 4.29.81
  nara-narayana-asramam—to the asrama of Nara-Narayana.    SB 9.1.31
  narayana-asramam—to the place of Nara-Narayana.    SB 9.3.36
  narayana-asramam—for his own asrama, known as Narayana-asrama    SB 10.10.23
  pracetasa-asramam—to the hermitage of Pracetasa (Valmiki Muni).    SB 9.11.10
  pulaha-asramam pravavraja—he went to the asrama of Pulaha in Hardwar (where the salagrama-silas are obtainable).    SB 5.7.8
  pulastya-pulaha-asramam—to the asrama conducted by such great sages as Pulastya and Pulaha    SB 5.8.30
  sannyasa-asramam—the renounced order of life    Adi 3.83
  tat asramam—the residence.    SB 1.4.8