Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asrama

  asrama—orders of life    SB 1.3.13, SB 2.8.16
  asrama—orders of society    SB 1.18.45
  asrama—social orders    SB 3.12.35
  asrama—of asramas    SB 3.21.52-54
  asrama—of the place of meditation    SB 5.2.4
  asrama—in the residential places of hermits    SB 5.5.30
  asrama—hermitages of saintly persons    SB 7.2.14
  asrama—of the spiritual orders of life    SB 7.15.38-39
  asrama—that place of Cyavana Muni    SB 9.3.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asrama

  bhava-pantha-nija-asrama-aptau—being obtainment of the shelter of Krsna for persons within this material world    SB 6.9.45
  caturtha-asrama-jusam—of those who are in the fourth order of life (sannyasa)    Adi 3.58
  grha-asrama—in householder life    SB 5.14.18
  kanva-asrama-padam—to the residence of Kanva    SB 9.20.8-9
  pulaha-asrama-upavane—in the gardens situated i n Pulaha-asrama    SB 5.7.11
  purva-asrama—previous situation.    Madhya 6.50
  sannyasa-asrama—the renounced order of life    Adi 7.33
  sva-asrama-padam—to their own respective hermitages    SB 4.14.35
  sva-asrama-paribhrastam—who strayed from its asrama    SB 5.8.24
  varna-asrama—the institution of four castes and four orders of life    SB 1.2.13
  varna-asrama—the four divisions of social statuses and orders of spiritual culture    SB 3.7.29
  varna-asrama—the system of eight social orders    SB 4.14.18
  varna-asrama—of the Aryan civilization of four varnas and four asramas    SB 7.2.12
  varna-asrama—pertaining to the particular material and spiritual divisions of varna and asrama    SB 7.13.14
  varna-asrama-dharma—the institution of four castes and four asramas    Madhya 9.256
  varna-asrama-dharma—the regulative principle of four varnas and four asramas    Madhya 22.93
  varna-asrama-vatah—in terms of strictly following the principles of varnasrama    SB 5.26.30
  varna-asrama-vatibhih—by followers of the institution of the four varnas and four asramas    SB 5.19.10
  varna-asrama-acara—the practices of the varnasrama system    SB 5.22.4
  varna-asrama-acara-vata—who behaves according to the system of four divisions of social order and four divisions of spiritual life    Madhya 8.58
  varna-asrama-acara-yutam—based on the principles of the four divisions of society and the four divisions of spiritual advancement    SB 7.11.2
  asrama-abhyase—in the neighborhood of his asrama    SB 9.1.34
  asrama-coditah—recommended for the four asramas.    SB 7.11.13
  asrama-dusanam—pollution of the asrama.    SB 9.3.6
  asrama-mandalam—hermitage.    SB 3.24.25
  asrama-mandale—different hermitages.    SB 8.13.15-16
  asrama-padam—the holy hermitage    SB 3.21.37
  asrama-padam—to the place of the hermitage    SB 3.24.9
  asrama-padam—hermitage    SB 4.1.22
  asrama-padam—to the asrama    SB 5.8.7
  asrama-padam—the place of residence    SB 8.18.9-10
  asrama-padam—the residential place    SB 9.15.23
  asrama-padani—all hermitages    SB 5.7.10
  asrama-sampadah—the prosperity of the beautiful hermitages.    SB 3.22.26-27
  asrama-stham—residing in an asrama    SB 6.18.56
  asrama-upavane—garden of the hermitage    SB 5.8.17
  asrama-vidambanah—imitating and therefore cheating the different spiritual orders    SB 7.15.38-39
  asrama-adayah—places of shelter like Citrakuta    SB 7.14.30-33
  asrama-ayatana—and many hermitages    SB 5.17.13