Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asprsta

  asprsta—untouched    SB 3.15.3
  asprsta—unaffected    SB 4.6.49
  asprsta—without touching    SB 4.29.47
  asprsta—who have not been contaminated    SB 6.3.14-15
  asprsta—not touched    SB 6.18.60

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asprsta

  asprsta-bhuri-mahatmyah—whose great glory is not touched    SB 10.13.54
  asprsta-purvam—never enjoyed or touched by anyone    SB 8.9.4
  asprsta-salila—without washing    SB 6.18.50
  asprsta-vahnim—not even touched by fire    SB 6.11.16