Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asmat

  asmat—our    SB 4.1.31, SB 4.8.37, SB 4.24.67, SB 5.17.2, SB 5.24.25, SB 6.11.23, SB 9.5.9
  asmat—my    SB 4.15.23, SB 4.19.34, SB-4.21.28-29
  asmat—of us    SB 6.9.34, SB 8.20.15
  asmāt—from this    Adi 1.5, Adi 4.55
  asmat—by us    SB 1.18.46
  asmat—unto us, beginning from Brahmā down to the insignificant ant    SB 2.7.23
  asmat—of me    SB 3.8.8
  asmat—from me    SB 3.18.22-23
  asmat—all of us    SB 10.12.19
  asmāt—ourselves    Bg 1.37-38
  asmāt—from this (universe)    SB 3.4.30
  asmāt—from this process    SB 4.28.42
  asmāt—from this attachment for sex life    SB 5.5.9
  asmāt—from the effect (this material world)    SB 8.3.3
  asmāt—as now visible    SB 8.24.43
  asmāt—from Jaya    SB 9.13.25
  asmāt—from him    SB 10.1.60
  asmāt—from those persons    SB 10.3.27
  asmat pituḥ—of our father, Hiraṇyakaśipu    SB 7.9.23
  asmat-bhuja—from my hand    SB 3.18.5
  asmat-dhāryam—the garment meant for me    SB 9.18.11
  asmat-dhāryam—meant to be worn by us    SB 9.18.12-14
  asmat-karaṇa-gocaram—appreciable by our direct senses, especially by our eyes    SB 8.5.45
  asmat-kula—our family    SB 4.11.8
  asmat-prabhuḥ—our Lord    Madhya 17.210
  asmat-vidhaiḥ—by persons like us    SB 4.8.35
  asmat-vidhaiḥ—like me    SB 4.17.36
  asmat-vidhasya—of a person like me    SB 5.2.12
  asmat-vidhaḥ—like us    SB 5.24.26
  asmat-vidhānām—of persons like us    SB 6.17.11
  asmat-ādayaḥ—persons like us    SB 2.6.38
  asmat-ādayaḥ—including ourselves (Nārada and others also glorified Hiraṇyakaśipu)    SB 7.4.14
  asmat-āsthitāḥ—possessed by us    SB 4.4.21

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