Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asita

  asita—blue    SB 3.15.28, SB 3.15.44
  asita—black    SB 3.21.27, SB 4.21.17
  asita—blue or black    SB 4.28.30
  āsīta—does remain    Bg 2.54
  āsīta—being so situated    Bg 2.61
  āsīta—being so    Bg 6.13-14
  āsīta—would sit    SB 4.26.15
  āsīta—one should sit down    SB 7.15.31
  asita-pañcamyām—on the fifth day of the dark fortnight    Antya 20.157
  asita-ratnaiḥ—with valuable indra-nīla jewels    Antya 1.161
  vasiṣṭha-asita-gautama-ādibhiḥ—by such brāhmaṇas as Vasiṣṭha, Asita and Gautama    SB 9.4.22

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