Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asinah

  asinah—sitting    SB 1.7.3, SB 5.5.34
  asinah—eaters    Bg 3.13
  asinah—situated    Bg 14.22-25
  asinah—being thus seated    SB 1.4.15
  asinah—seated    SB 2.1.16
  asinah—being situated    SB 6.2.40
  asinah—residing    SB 6.3.35
  asinah—sitting (in the core of the heart)    SB 6.16.11
  asinah—while sitting    SB 7.4.38
  asinah—while sitting comfortably in his sitting room or on the throne    SB 10.2.24
  asinah—seated    SB 1.1.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asinah

  navi asinah—sitting in the boat    SB 8.24.56
  sukha-asinah—when he comfortably sat on his seat    SB 4.8.63
  sukham asinah—comfortably seated    SB 1.5.1
  sukham asinah—having been given a place to sit comfortably    SB 10.5.22