Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asavah

  asavaḥ—the life airs    SB 6.4.25, SB 6.16.23
  asavaḥ—life    SB 2.8.26
  asavaḥ—purpose of living    SB 3.3.28
  asavaḥ—life breath    SB 3.13.37
  asavaḥ—senses.    SB 3.25.2
  asavaḥ—the senses    SB 4.31.16
  asavaḥ—life airs    SB 6.4.46
  āsavaḥ—the nectarean beverage    SB 4.20.24
  āsavaḥ—wine (wine, women and gambling are very prominent).    SB 10.10.8
  gata-āsavaḥ—almost dead    SB 8.5.15-16
  prajā-asavaḥ—those whose love for their children is the same as their love for their own life    SB 10.12.15

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