Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asati

  asati—useless    SB 2.3.20
  asati—which is disastrous.    SB 7.5.12
  asati—very bad    SB 7.5.29
  asati—unchaste.    SB 9.18.12-14
  asati—thus being    SB 3.5.44
  asati—in the false ego    SB 3.27.11
  asati—in the unmanifest    SB 3.27.14
  asati—a product of ignorance    SB 3.28.36
  asati—temporary    SB 4.9.33
  asati—being absent    SB 4.14.1
  asati—in the temporary material world    SB 5.18.12
  asati—in the material world    SB 7.13.28
  asati—unreal    SB 7.15.60
  asati—O unchaste daughter    SB 9.3.20
  asati—although you are unchaste.    SB 9.14.9
  asati—the material existence    Adi 8.58
  asati—to temporary material happiness    Madhya 22.76

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asati

  sat-asati—the cause and the effect    SB 7.9.47
  sat-asati—the material world    SB 4.22.25