Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asate

  āsate—are passing their days    SB 1.14.25
  āsate—are all    SB 1.14.27
  āsate—are they all    SB 1.14.28-29
  āsate—are    SB 1.14.32-33
  āsate—living.    SB 3.7.22
  āsate—do exist    SB 3.7.26
  āsate—they are all existing    SB 8.13.15-16
  āsate—are performing    SB 9.4.3
  āsate—live.    SB 10.4.18
  āsāte—are    SB 3.1.26
  sukham āsate—if they are all happy.    SB 1.13.11

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