Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asatah

  asataḥ—of the nonexistent    Bg 2.16
  asataḥ—the unscrupulous    SB 1.8.5
  asataḥ—unreal    SB 3.19.28
  asataḥ—impious    SB 3.31.12
  asataḥ—not existing    SB 4.15.24
  asataḥ—material    SB 5.1.6
  asataḥ—nondevotees (those who have not taken to Kṛṣṇa consciousness)    SB 6.3.28
  asataḥ—the nondevotees    SB 6.3.29
  asataḥ—of a materialistic nondevotee.    SB 7.15.29
  asataḥ—miscreant    SB 8.1.26
  asataḥ—who was without character    SB 10.1.61
  asataḥ—rascals who have no knowledge, no clear understanding.    SB 10.10.12
  asataḥ—of such a foolish rascal    SB 10.10.13
  sat-asataḥ—of the cause and effect    SB 2.7.47
  sat-asataḥ—cause and effect    SB 3.24.43
  sat-asataḥ—the creation or cause of creation    SB 7.13.4

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