Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asat

  asat—the cause    SB 2.9.33, Adi 1.53, Madhya 24.76, Madhya 25.113
  asat—effect    Bg 13.13, SB 2.6.33
  asat—impermanent    SB 3.25.7, SB 5.12.10
  asat—cause    SB 2.6.42, SB 3.15.6
  asat—temporary    SB 2.5.6, SB 4.7.44
  asat—illusory    SB 1.16.6, SB 3.2.10
  asat—useless    SB 1.15.21
  asat—all temporary and bad    SB 9.19.20
  asat—which is nonexistent, as the cause    SB 8.12.8
  asat—impermanent, transient    SB 8.9.29
  asat—nonmanifestation    SB 8.3.22-24
  asat—which are always prone to material consciousness    SB 7.15.46
  asat—unmanifested    SB 6.8.31
  asat—impudence    SB 6.3.30
  asat—material happiness    SB 5.18.3
  asat—although long dead (and although no one knows that the soul has gone)    SB 5.14.17
  asat—not real    SB 5.12.9
  asat—the foolish    SB 4.27.25
  asat—unreal    SB 4.11.29
  asat—unpalatable    SB 4.8.26
  asat—nonpermanent things    SB 3.31.30
  asat—bad    SB 3.27.3
  asat—nonbeing    Bg 9.19
  asat—nondevotee    SB 3.9.12
  asat—perishable    SB 3.9.6
  asat—materialistic    SB 3.5.45
  asat—nonpermanent    Bg 16.10
  asat—noumenal    SB 2.7.50
  asat—falls    Bg 17.28
  asat—untenable    SB 2.6.40-41
  asat—the effect    SB 1.2.30
  asat—vicious    SB 1.8.24
  asat—mischievous    SB 1.14.28-29
  äçät—from your enjoyment of eating    SB 10.13.13

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asat

  asat-karmabhiù—with temporary fruitive activities    SB 6.5.11, SB 6.5.12, SB 6.5.13
  sat-asat—cause and effect    Bg 11.37, Adi 5.83, Madhya 20.267
  asat-kåtaù—insulted    SB 3.1.14, Madhya 19.199-200
  asat-prasaìgaiù—by material topics.    SB 3.9.4, Antya 5.124-125
  kim asat-karmabhiù bhavet—what can be the benefit of performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.15, SB 6.5.17
  prätaù-äçät präk—before breakfast    SB 6.18.52, SB 6.19.2-3
  sat-asat—gross and subtle    SB 1.3.33, SB 1.5.27
  asat-antakam—who could kill all demons    SB 10.6.7
  asat-aviñayam—not understood by the atheists    SB 8.12.47
  asat-bhävam—a false conception of life    SB 7.7.19-20
  asat-cakñuù—the eye (revealer) of the illusory energy    SB 3.27.11
  asat-çästram—false scriptures    Madhya 6.182
  asat-çästreñu—literature like newspapers, novels, dramas and fiction    SB 7.13.7
  asat-dharmaiù—abominable actions    SB 7.5.45
  asat-dåçaù—for a person with polluted vision    SB 5.17.20
  asat-gatim—to take birth in a demoniac family    SB 3.19.29
  asat-graha—by the bad philosophy    SB 7.5.3
  asat-grahaiù—revealing the cosmic manifestation    SB 4.7.37
  asat-graham—an incorrect conception of life    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  asat-grahät—because of accepting the temporary body or bodily relations as real (thinking “I am this body, and everything belonging to this body is mine”)    SB 7.5.5
  asat-grähaù—material conception of life    SB 7.5.11
  asat-guëeñu—into the temporarily manifested qualities    SB 4.9.7
  asat-gäthäù—stories about materialistic persons    SB 3.32.19
  asat-jita-ätmä—whose mind is not attracted to the material pleasure of life    SB 5.13.20
  asat-kåtäm—improperly treated    SB 1.14.42
  asat-kåtäù—being insulted    SB 4.14.30
  asat-kåtäù—having been disrespected.    SB 3.16.4
  asat-kåtäyäù—having been insulted    SB 4.5.1
  asat-mataù—not desired by them    SB 9.6.41-42
  asat-matim—the unclean mentality (accepting the body as the self)    SB 8.24.47
  asat-matim—no attachment.    SB 9.4.27
  asat-patham—on the path of material enjoyment    SB 3.28.7
  asat-pathe—in temporary matter    SB 2.6.34
  asat-pathe—on the path of material activities    SB 6.2.12
  asat-prasaìgaiù—who discuss the Supreme Personality of Godhead illogically.    Madhya 25.38
  asat-prasaìgät—by association of nondevotees who are against the Vedic principles and who manufacture different paths of religion    SB 5.14.13
  asat-saàsthäne—habitat not fit for a gentleman    SB 5.5.30
  asat-saìga-tyäga—rejection of the association of nondevotees    Madhya 22.87
  asat-saìga-tyäga—giving up the company of nondevotees    Madhya 24.339
  asat-tama—most abominable    SB 4.29.55
  asat-tama—O most abominable one    SB 6.11.14
  asat-tamam—the most wretched.    SB 1.17.10-11
  asat-tamam—most wicked    SB 3.18.24
  asat-tamaù—the most wretched.    SB 4.9.32
  asat-tamaù—the most cruel.    SB 4.8.67
  asat-tamäù—the greatest rascals.    SB 7.15.37
  asat-varaiù—very sober.    SB 7.7.24
  asat-vidhitsuù—desiring to act very impiously    SB 7.9.29
  asat-vyaya nä kariha—do not spend for sinful activities    Antya 9.144
  asat-vyayaù—unnecessary waste of life.    SB 1.16.6
  asat-våttaù—impious    SB 4.14.12
  asat-våttaù—full of impious activities    SB 4.14.32
  asat-våtte—O unchaste woman    SB 9.14.12
  asat-äçrayaiù—taking shelter of those who are asat, or nondevotees.    SB 10.10.18
  asat-ägraham—bodily concept of life    SB 3.27.9
  asat-ägrahaù—having unsuitable obstinacy    SB 5.9.6
  asat-äläpam—unnecessary talk on material subject matters    SB 8.16.49
  kim asat-karmabhiù bhavet—what is the use of performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.14
  kim asat-karmabhiù bhavet—what benefit can there be by performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.16
  kim asat-karmabhiù bhavet—what can be the use of temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.18
  kim asat-karmabhiù bhavet—what is the use of engaging in temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.19
  martya-asat-dhéù—considers the spiritual master to be like an ordinary human being and maintains such an unfavorable attitude    SB 7.15.26
  mora habe asat-gati—I shall not get my destination.    Antya 8.24
  nänä asat-pathe—in various sinful activities    Antya 9.88
  sat-asat—manifest and unmanifest    SB 3.26.9
  sat-asat—good and bad    Bg 13.22
  sat-asat—manifested and unmanifested    SB 9.5.7
  sat-asat—the Supreme Lord and His different energies    SB 4.22.38
  sat-asat—in the cause and in the effect    SB 7.13.4
  sat-asat—consisting of cause and effect (You are the cause, and Your energy is the effect)    SB 7.9.31
  sat-asat idam—this material manifestation of cause and effect    SB 5.25.10
  sat-asat-bhäva-bhävanam—the cause of varieties of creation, its cause and effect    SB 8.7.24
  sat-asat-paraù—who is the cause of all causes (the supreme cause).    SB 6.16.21
  sat-asat-viçeñam—with varieties manifest and unmanifest    SB 4.9.13
  sat-asat-vimuktam—transcendental to the manifested and nonmanifested modes of material nature    SB 9.8.24
  sat-asat-ätmakam—consisting of cause and effect    SB 3.26.10
  sat-asat-ätmakaù—the form of the cause and effect.    SB 3.22.4
  sat-asat-ätmikä—as both the cause and the effect    SB 3.5.25
  sat-asat-ätmikäm—consisting of cause and effect    SB 3.28.44