Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asanah

  aśanaḥ—eating    SB 4.8.72, SB 4.23.5
  āsanaḥ—on the seat of    SB 3.11.32
  ananta-āsanaḥ—He whose seat is Ananta Śeṣa    SB 3.32.4
  avivikta-āsanaḥ—seated closely on one seat    SB 9.19.17
  garuḍa-āsanaḥ—sitting on the back of Garuḍa    SB 8.4.13
  jita-āsanaḥ—one who has controlled the sitting posture    SB 1.13.54
  jita-āsanaḥ—controlled sitting posture    SB 2.1.23
  kalpita-āsanaḥ—having prepared a sitting place.    SB 4.8.43
  kamala-āsanaḥ—Lord Brahmā    SB 7.10.33
  mita-aśanaḥ—frugal in eating.    SB 7.15.30
  piśita-aśanāḥ—who are all habituated to eating flesh    SB 4.18.21
  salila-āśanaḥ—only drinking water.    SB 8.24.10
  vijita-āsanaḥ—controlling the sitting postures    SB 3.28.8
  vivikta-āsanaḥ—sitting together    Antya 2.119
  vāhana-āsanaḥ—the carriers such as the horses and elephants are the game board    SB 6.12.17
  ātta-śara-asanāḥ—fully equipped with arrows and bows    SB 10.11.31-32

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