Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asakta

  asakta—attached    SB 4.25.3, SB 4.27.12, SB 6.11.27
  asakta—unto the Supreme person, who is unattached    SB 5.19.12
  asakta—being attached    Bg 12.5
  asakta—addicted    SB 3.32.16
  asakta—being too attached    SB 9.22.21-24

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asakta

  anya-asakta-vimukhan—persons attached not to fighting but to some other subject matter    SB 10.4.35
  asakta-buddhih—unattached intelligence    Bg 18.49
  asakta-atma—one who is not so attached    Bg 5.21
  asakta-manah—mind attached    Bg 7.1